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Weekly Growth Challenge + YouTube Debut

Have you ever found yourself coming up with a series of excuses and justifications to support yourself in staying stuck?

  • I don’t have enough money for that
  • I don’t know how to do that
  • I’m not ready “yet”
  • The world doesn’t need another ______________ (fill in whatever role you have dreamed of filling)
  • I don’t have time

Do you have a history of letting fear keep you from taking steps to live the life of your dreams?

I know there are times when I can answer YES to both of these questions and that’s why this year I set an intention to step out of my comfort zone with technology and stop using time, money, and resources as an excuse to stay small and afraid.

The reality is that we make time and resources available for what we are willing and ready to invest in. When we know we are worthy of living the lives we desire, we take steps to make that happen. I’ve wanted to work with technology and create video content for my audience for years. The truth is that I wasn’t willing to acknowledge how scared the thought of that made me so I came up with all these stories about why it wasn’t time to do it yet and how I couldn’t afford it. If I’m getting real, the truth is that it’s vulnerable as hell and people will know I’m human, flawed, and imperfect. I may not get the lighting right, I may forget my “script,” what if I sound or look silly? When I met these thoughts and fears with compassion, I was able to acknowledge the way continuing to try to keep myself small and playing it safe was keeping me from sharing my gifts with the world.

So….I took a leap out of my comfort zone and launched my YouTube channel and a video series I’m calling Weekly Growth Challenge where I’ll be offering you an opportunity for personal growth and development each week to help you step out of your comfort zone and expand your fabulousness too!

Will you join me in releasing fears and giving yourself permission to create the life of your dreams?

After watching the video, I’d love to have you subscribe to my YouTube Channel to be notified of new video releases and join the conversation on Facebook. Post on the wall and let me know what you’re doing out of your comfort zone :)

Here’s to our growth!




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