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Tips To Create a Healing Bedtime Ritual

In preparation for the launch of my book, 44 Holistic Tips for Peaceful Sleep, I wrote a series of blog posts on ways people can empower themselves to rest more peacefully.

Here, I share tips to creating a healing bedtime ritual…

Throughout our days we are fielding the energy of numerous people, places and experiences. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we are either choosing to honor ourselves or abandon ourselves to meet the needs of others while hoping to avoid potential disagreement and gain external approval. The residual effects of frequent self-abandonment can show up in the quality of our sleep as the psyche continues to process and attempt to heal misalignments.

When we mindfully engage in an emotionally based bedtime ritual, we can assist ourselves in holding space for unfinished business without having it interfere with getting a peaceful night’s rest. Did you know it’s even possible to encourage your psyche to use dreamtime productively to resolve inner struggles? Read on for some suggestions on creating a healing bedtime ritual that honors all aspects of your mind, body and spirit, and has the potential to support you in moving from restless to rejuvenating sleep.  Click here to see full article

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