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Tips For Creating a Sacred Sleep Space

After a long day, the one thing we often look forward to is a restful night’s sleep. We usually envision our head landing on our soft pillow as we cuddle up with our cozy comforter and imagine enjoying a long, peaceful night’s sleep. Then, in reality, we often experience an uncomfortable night of tossing and turning with our minds racing, and we wake up feeling tired and frustrated.

If you are ready to empower yourself to welcome a more satisfying slumber, the first thing to do is create a sacred sleeping space. Is your room a peaceful place to rest or is it a busy space filled with reminders of work, chores and distractions? Here are some tips to create your own sacred sleeping space:

1)      Energetically cleanse your space. Did you know our spaces collect the energy of unfinished business such as conversations, work, arguments, etc? When this unfinished business is floating around, it can interfere with our ability to get restful sleep. Spaces can be cleared in a variety of ways. Click here to read the rest…

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