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Hello Everyone!

This week I am expecting to receive the first royalty check for sales of my debut book, A Year on Your Path To Growth: Daily Inspirations to Reconnect With Your Soul!  Reaching this point is equal parts exhilarating and humbling. It has been such a wild journey from imagining I would be an author one day to actually taking the steps to manifest this dream into reality in June this summer.  As I reflect on the process, I am realizing that one of the coolest parts has been the opportunity to share it with each of you and hearing about the ways it’s supporting people’s personal growth.

Do you have a dream you’ve been wanting to actualize? I know it can be scary, really overwhelming and feel impossible at times, but I’m here to say, IT IS POSSIBLE and I hope you’ll give yourself permission to start taking steps in that direction TODAY.  It’s time!

To express my gratitude for your tremendous support of this piece of my work, I have decided to offer a giveaway for two people to have a chance to win autographed copies!  Click the “Enter to Win” link below to enter.


Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Year on Your Path to Growth by Keri Nola

A Year on Your Path to Growth

by Keri Nola

Giveaway ends December 30, 2012.

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at Goodreads.

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