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Wholehearted Living

I had a wonderful time at the Personal Transformation Summit earlier this month sharing my workshop on Wholehearted Living!  Thank you to all of those who joined us live and for those of you who couldn’t join us live, you can listen to it here and click on the link above to get access to ALL the workshop replays for FREE.

I know that our lives don’t always lend themselves to sitting down and reading lengthy blogs so I’m keeping today’s short and sweet as I take a moment and share some thoughts on Wholehearted living…

Wholehearted living isn’t something we master. It’s a journey of choices that we encounter moment after moment when we have the opportunity to ask ourselves, am I going to embrace my WHOLE self or am I going to pick and choose which parts of me are acceptable and worthy of my love and compassion?  Wholehearted living is an experience. It’s being able to be kind to ourselves even when we yell at our kids, show up late for work, or forget someone’s birthday. The truth is we’re all human–it’s less about avoiding mistakes, but knowing that we WILL make them and loving ourselves and each other when we do. So for today, where can we ease up on ourselves? Will we let ourselves say, even though I missed a deadline and lost my cool in traffic, I am worthy of love and compassion and I will offer that to myself now?  Try it on for size…let the love in. And visit our facebook community and let us know how your wholehearted living practice is going!



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